2016 Cable Congress and Innovation Showcase Successes

by Melanie Moffett | Jul 19, 2016 12:00:00 AM | Innovation Showcase | |
Last month, UpRamp and our sponsor CableLabs were involved in the 2016 Cable Congress in Warsaw, Poland. Cable Congress is a three day program featuring innovations in the Cable industry. It aims to be the unrivalled meeting place for cable, content and connectivity.

What was really interesting about this year’s event was the focus each day on a different theme: Disruption, Innovation, and Engagement. And of course, Innovation is something we feel very strongly about. We produced an Innovation Showcase on one of the stages with five incredible participants – NFWare, Deep.Bi, SambaTV, 4Screens, and the audience selected winner Plume Design, Inc.

We always love to hear the Innovation Showcase participants’ enthusiasm after the show, and this session was no different. One participant commented that they enjoyed the experience because, “First, that we had a chance present our company to a broad audience from the industry; that we had a chance to win and present this summer in US and finally, the whole coaching and feedback on how to present on the stage.”

Another participant mentioned that, “It was a good crowd in the audience and it helped us start some conversations afterwards. I’d do it again.”

Of course, the reason behind producing the Innovation Showcase is to help connect startups to the global cable industry, and we were glad to hear our participants had some successful connections, with one of them saying, “It was very helpful in starting conversations. We used it before the event when planning meetings using the conference's networking tool as well as during the next days when meeting new people. We also had a few companies approach us mentioning they saw the pitch and wanted to know more.”

Here is a little information on each of the five participants.

Samba TV

Samba TV is a cross-platform media and analytics company that provides a real time understanding of what consumers watch on TV and its impact on subsequent purchase behavior. Using Samba TV's single source TV viewership data, brands gain a holistic view of content and advertising consumption across broadcast and cable TV, OTT, apps and digital.

With Samba TV’s real time, second-by-second, cross platform analytics, brands can chart the complete consumer path to purchase, from online to offline, and make informed media buying and selling decisions. Using a nationwide, census-like panel, (one of the largest in the industry and that is representative of the U.S. population), Samba TV’s first party data can measure TV and digital ad exposure over time for the same household. Samba TV’s proprietary household device map totals more than 180 million devices, including smart TVs, set top boxes and connected devices.

For more information, please visit www.samba.tv or follow @samba_tv on Twitter.


Deep.BI helps media publishers and platforms improve their products, content and content distribution.
The Deep.BI platform collects deep data about product usage and content consumption and provides real-time, actionable insights. Deep.BI aims to help companies make smarter decisions.

Deep.BI was co-founded by Jarek Gora, an experienced executive and entrepreneur with unique expertise in media companies’ transformations. To learn more, visit www.deep.bi or follow @_DeepBI.

NFWare, Inc.

NFWare, Inc., is a vendor of high-performance virtualized IP routing solutions for carriers. NFWare virtualizes IP/packet core network elements and makes them run without loss of performance on standard x86 servers instead of dedicated proprietary hardware. For carriers, this approach enables significant cost reduction, service agility and deployment flexibility that cannot be achieved based on a hardware model.

NFWare is headed up by co-founder Alexander Britkin, who prior to founding NFWare in 2014, held various roles in IT and network vendors such as Amdocs and Iskratel. For find out more, visit www.nfware.com.


4Screens is a creation platform for building interactive content and real-time engagement apps on multiple screens. Businesses need to fight for the viewers’ attention. The successful ones will boost their revenues and gain a substantial advantage over the competition, and 4Screens helps businesses to do that.

4Screens is headed up by Piotr Szostak, a veteran of the interactive and media industry for over 15 years. To find out more, check out www.4screens.net or follow the company on Twitter @4Screens.

 Plume Design, Inc.

This year’s Cable Congress Innovation Showcase winner Plume WiFi aims to offer awesome WiFi that works everywhere, all of the time, for all of your devices. Instead of building on existing WiFi technology, Plume went a layer deeper and dissected the very architecture behind the networks we rely on every day. Plume saw an opportunity to do something big—to give people an unconditional connection.

Plume was founded by Fahri Diner, a true technology pioneer. In addition to Plume, Fahri backed and serves on the boards of market leaders such as Quantenna – WiFi chips, Kateeva – OLED display technology, View – dynamic glass, Tula – high efficiency internal combustion engine technology, and R2 Semiconductor – low power semiconductor technology. Learn more at www.plumewifi.com and on Twitter @plumewifi.

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