From the Newsletter: No January Blues at CES

by Satish Ramakrishnan | Jan 17, 2019 12:00:00 AM | Innovation Showcase | |

Like many others in the tech industry, my after-holiday blues don’t show up until the middle of January, after CES. After all, how glum could I be while playing with this guy?

While most of the news comes from the larger companies, CES is a great opportunity for our team to look for startups that can become part of our connectivity ecosystem - an ecosystem that is the consumer’s life blood to all of their connected devices.

We were excited to once again host an edition of the Innovation Showcase at CES this year. Here, rather than focusing on the gadgets themselves, we showcase startups that are enabling behavior and experiences for both consumers and businesses. Meet the startups of the CableLabs Innovation Showcase at CES, Powered by UpRamp:

  • Forward Networks: Everyone expects their gadgets to be connected 24/7 - but if you own the network, you know things can go wrong. Forward Networks creates a digital twin of your entire network, giving you full visibility and allowing you to simulate network modifications.
  • Atmosic: While wireless devices continue to flood the market, we still wait for innovation in the battery world beyond wireless charging. Enter Atmosic, the startup using a groundbreaking silicon innovation to rethink how we power devices, keeping us battery-free forever.
  • Kilter Rewards: CES coincides with peak flu season, but startup Kilter Rewards is making sure that employees show up at conferences healthy and happy. Their platform enables employers to sponsor donations to employee-chosen causes when they complete health goals.
  • Datalogue: Here's a not-so-fun fact: businesses are hoarding data - but only 5% of it gets used! Analytics are messy, time-consuming, and expensive - but Datalogue is changing that. They cut processing time from weeks to minutes, enabling true data-driven decision making.
  • Continual: Last but not least, Continual is taking on a big task: the day when "are we there yet?" meets autonomous vehicles. Their solution provides an analytics solution for content on the go - ensuring no gaps in entertainment when we're no longer driving ourselves.

The CES Innovation Showcase presenters have set a high bar for the year. Scouting season has begun for us, and applications for #Fiterator4 and future editions of Innovation Showcase will open shortly. The team will be spending the next few months looking for startups tackling big problems in connectivity, and we can't wait to learn about them.

Two weeks into 2019 and it's feeling pretty good - maybe I'll skip the January blues altogether this year. 

It's scouting season at UpRamp, and we're on the hunt for startups that are creating new, innovative solutions for technology and connectivity. Keep in touch with us and get notifications for important application dates by subscribing to our newsletter.