From the Newsletter: Practicing Gratitude and Celebrating Thanks

by Lisa Schwab | Nov 21, 2018 12:00:00 AM | Fiterator |

We are coming to a close for #Fiterator3 and the end of a program always leaves us feeling extremely proud, exhausted, and in need of a beach, but mostly full of immense gratitude. We run 1000 miles a minute over here with the Fiterator teams from August through November and as we wind down, it creates space for us to reflect on the magnitude of what has taken place. We appreciate this time to cultivate our gratefulness. 

After moving so fast for so long, we sometimes have to practice this. If this resonates with you, check this out for inspiration. Let the gratefulness overflow. 

We have spent four straight months serving as sherpas for the startups we selected to drive innovation in the cable and broadband industry. They become part of our family and we are 100% committed to their success with our members. The teams are in the thick of it now working on trials and deals and we couldn't be more thrilled with their success. 

With all this hard work comes curve balls, iterations, bumps, bruises, and difficult conversations. Powering through these obstacles with grace and productivity is a lesson every startup founder is faced with time and time again.

I had a personal curve ball this session that came in the form of breast cancer. I had to tap into the coping skills I've learned along the way in life and business to keep moving forward in the face of adversity - including learning to lean into my team and rely on others, something that I can't say I've ever found particularly easy. So I have to give a big personal thanks to my incredibly supportive UpRamp team, CableLabs family, and Fiterator teams for the love they have shown me as I went through my own journey in tandem with the program. (PS: everything looks good!)

And on behalf of my program manager Hannah Taylor, myself, and the entire UpRamp team, we want to thank everyone who has made #Fiterator3 the wild success it has been:

Our startup founders and teams who entrust their business to us. The teams we've worked with this year are incredible - not only in their ability to create and run bad ass companies, but also as kind-hearted, intelligent, open-minded, hardworking humans (who also excel at escape rooms!).

Our mentors who help the Fiterator teams navigate this fascinating, complex industry. From both inside and outside the industry, our mentors work tirelessly to teach the teams what they know, make key introductions, and collaborate with them on their path to success. 

Our CableLabs member network who open their doors to us as we work to bring them new technology. Our work is all about driving innovation in the network that keeps us connected, and it's only with the blessing of the CableLabs member MSOs that we are able to drive that dream forward. 

Last, but certainly not least, CableLabs is the engine that allows the UpRamp machine to run. From the brilliant c-level execs, engineers, and SMEs who mentor our startups, to those whose tireless efforts are often behind the scenes and not as obvious, who make our teams welcome and help them achieve their successes - thank you for supporting us and loving us as the quirky little team we are. We couldn't do it without you.

We celebrate all of you. Many thanks!

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