Innovation Showcase 2018: Summer Conference

by Scott Brown | Aug 6, 2018 12:00:00 AM | Innovation Showcase | |

The UpRamp team is currently at Keystone Resort for CableLabs Summer Conference 2018, where Innovation Showcase is bringing together eight of the top young startups in connectivity to give live demos to decision-makers in the connectivity industry. At the end of the event, the audience will vote on the Best New Product.

Since Innovation Showcase began, over 300 startups have given live demos of their cutting-edge technology to high-level, curated, private audiences - with another eight presenting at this Summer Conference. The incredible technology that has come across the stage is testament to the burgeoning relationship between the global connectivity industry and the startup ecosystem.

The technology being demoed at this Innovation Showcase went through a rigorous selection process to determine its potential future place within the connectivity industry. UpRamp’s programming was designed to provide a gateway at every stage of the entrepreneurial lifecycle, and we’re excited to continue collaborating with these startups as they establish a name for themselves among our members.


Congratulations to TiBiT Communications, voted "Best New Product" by the Summer Conference audience! Below, learn more about TiBiT Communications and the other startups that demoed at Innovation Showcase:

AlcaCruz’s SuperStream technology provides video, AR, and VR streaming in ultra-high definition, using low bandwidth. Their GPU-based technology prioritizes data to the part of the stream being viewed, meaning that expensive, high-speed data isn’t wasted on out-of-frame and guarantees the fast streaming required for high-def 360 video, VR, and AR.

Collinear Networks over-the-air data transmission solution provides speeds of 20Gbps over a distance of up to 5km. Enabled with Hybrid FSO technology and E-band RF solutions, Collinear addresses issues including traffic management, speed, latency, distance, form factor, and deployment and enables high-volume data usag and the convergence of fixed, mobile, and Wi-Fi broadband.

CryptoMove is reimagining cybersecurity methodology. It uses dynamic movement, fragmentation, mutation, and encryption to keep data secure on its nodes, with a decentralized ledger to recover data when needed. CryptoMove’s technology allows enterprises to protect their own data alongside customer data without performance degradation.

Datazoom's powerful Adaptive Video Logistics platform promises video distributors more efficient, effective, and faster data acquisition from their online video players to enable real-time automation within the video delivery stack. Their technology helps carriers and content distributors deliver more flawless, and, more profitable, streaming experiences for their customers.

RackN software allows software customers to run their commodity physical servers with the same level of control, automation and speed as cloud machines, but on the actual bare metal, giving them better turn around on systems while enabling self-service, more consistent results, and better security.

Securing SAM is a software-only solution deployed into home routers to provide router protection, network segmentation, device fingerprinting, anomaly detection, and virtual hot patching. SAM requires no technician intervention and provides top-level security for smart homes.

TiBiT Communications has developed a pluggable OLT device designed to virtualize the access network using Ethernet switching technology. This device - the size of a pack of gum - will give MSOs flexibility for fiber to the home, backhaul, and fiber to the business connectivity.

Unsupervised’s AI automatically discovers patterns and opportunities for growth from data (both structured and unstructured) that companies have about their customers. Their technology automatically runs permutations of different algorithms on data, learning which ones are most effective for existing datasets and finding nuanced patterns that most solutions miss.